Sale of shelf companies

The sale of shelf companies is a service dedicated to companies and individual entities which provides our customers with the possibility of starting a business activity immediately in any business sector.

  • Types of companies

    • Limited Liability Company
    • Limited Liability Company Limited Liability Partnership
    • Limited Liability Partnership
    • Joint-Stock Company
    • Company with licenses and concessions
  • Our offer

    We offer various companies with no business history and we provide a comprehensive range of complementary services, making the process of registration of a shelf company quick and efficient.

    We assist in obtaining a prestigious headquarters’ address for the company in the centre of Warsaw, Krakow or Rzeszow. We will enable you to rent a virtual office providing professional services. We provide professional advice in accounting and company law.

  • Stages of cooperation

    1. Selecting a shelf company tailored to individual needs and budgets.
    2. Preparing the complete set of necessary documents – the share purchase agreement and the resolution to change the Company’s Management Board.
    3. Executing the Company’s Articles of Association in the form of a notarial deed (on-site or remotely).
    4. Starting a business activity.
  • Advantages

    • 100% secure purchase of a company with no business history.
    • Companies ready to operate as early as 24 hours after receiving all the necessary documents to make the transfer of shares.
    • The proof of the company’s no trade liabilities confirmed by a notarial deed.
    • Obtaining KRS, REGON and NIP numbers for the company.
    • Obtaining a prestigious headquarters’ address for the company in the centre of Warsaw.
    • Preparing all the necessary documentation.
    • Change of members of the Management Board, change of the company’s name, change of the company’s headquarters, modification of the Company’s business activity according to the Polish Classification of Business Activities (PKD).
    • Establishing the company’s bank account.
    • Providing comprehensive legal advice and accounting services.
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