Registration of companies

We specialise in the professional registration of companies on the territory of the Republic of Poland. We ensure fast and reliable services, and comprehensive assistance in completing the formalities.

  • Types of companies

    • Limited Liability Company
    • Limited Liability Company Limited Liability Partnership
    • Limited Liability Partnership
    • General Partnership
    • Joint-Stock Company
    • Limited Joint-stock Partnership
    • European Company
    • Foundation
    • Association
    • Branch
    • Representative Office
  • We will look after it

    We can register any company within a short period of time and with minimum formalities needed to start the registration process. We provide advice on the choice of the best forms of business activity, taking into account the industry and our customers’ strategic business goals.

    We obtain necessary licenses and permits to carry out specific business activities and take care of the proper completion of all the documents, making the process of company registration quick and easy.

  • Professionalism

    The service of registering companies is dedicated to entrepreneurs from Poland and abroad who want to quickly open a new business and need a professional support.

    More than 500 diverse companies established for our customers, many years of experience and excellent knowledge of company law – all of that guarantees the highest quality of service and efficiency.

  • Scope of our services

    The company registration procedure consists of the following steps:


    1. Elaborating the company’s articles of association.
    2. Registering the company in the National Court Register.
    3. Submitting all necessary documents to different offices.
    4. Monitoring the entire registration process.
    5. Confirming the company’s registration.
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